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Call for Competition: Studies of Professions - The Pavel Romanov Prize

In memory of the vital intellectual contribution of the well-known Russian sociologist Pavel V. Romanov, the Journal of Social Policy Studies is initiating the Pavel Romanov Prize, an International Competition of research papers.

The authors are invited to send their unpublished manuscripts, which develop the theoretical and methodological ideas of Pavel Romanov and / or related fields of research.

Pavel Romanov (1964-2014), was a Russian sociologist and social anthropologist, professor of the National Research University – Higher School of Economics. He was also the co-founder and the first Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Social Policy Studies and the director of the non-governmental research organization Center for Social Policy and Gender Studies. He devoted his academic career to the study of social policy, social problems, organizations and professions. The results of his research and his contributions in methodology and theory are reflected in Pavel Romanov’s publications; this includes his monographs, articles and books he edited, in both Russian and English. Many of Pavel’s colleagues and students continue their research work using social anthropological approaches, qualitative methodology, visual methods pioneered by Romanov.

The theme of the Pavel Romanov Prize Competition-2015 - "Professions and professionalism in the welfare state".
Articles are invited to be submitted to the Competition, ideally answering one of the following research questions, although contributions on other topics will be considered:

1. How are understandings of professionalism changing in an era of social transformation and crisis?

2. What new challenges face professionals employed in various aspects of the welfare state?

3. How is the landscape of professionalism in the modern world changing?

4. What are characteristics of professional cultures given the changing relations between the state, the market and civil society?

5. Can one talk about ‘precarization’ and ‘mediatization’ of labor in the social sphere?

6. How are the various dimensions of social inequality (gender, ethnicity, class, disability and others) linked to professional culture? How far is inclusive professionalism possible?

7. Professional knowledge in the age of information transparency: crisis of autonomy or a new cognitive order?

Submissions can be on theoretical and methodological issues, or focus on the results of empirical research. They may be of fundamental or applied nature. The results will be announced at the conference ‘Rethinking professionalism: challenges and reform of the welfare state’ in the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia, on the 21-22nd of May, 2015. Participants selected in the competition will be invited to present at the conference. The winners will receive cash prizes and gifts. The best manuscripts will be published in the Journal of Social Policy Studies after revision by the authors in accordance with the comments of the peer-reviewers and editors.

Manuscripts of 3000 to 5000 words must be submitted by April 20, 2015 by e-mail to, with ‘Competition’ in the subject line of the email. Guidelines for authors are available at

Criteria for selection:

The jury of the competition welcomes new authors offering on relevant, current and innovative work that applies a critical and creative approach to solving research problems, reviewing existing concepts (theories), developing new methods and perspectives of analysis. The key to success will be originality and novelty, combined with academic responsibility, the vigorous application of reason and the use of a creative approach to analytical tasks, as well as adherence to the rules of writing articles for JSPS.

[ Informação Ulrike Schultz ]