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Call - Professor of Sociology (Umeå Univ, Sweden)

Deadline: 18 January 2015

Professor in Sociology, Umeå University, Sweden

The department of Sociology is recruiting a professor in sociology with starting date as soon as possible or according to agreement. The position is permanent.

The department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology hosts undergraduate and postgraduate programs in both Sociology and Library and Information Science. We presently have around 50 employees, including around 12 PhD students and 5 postdocs. Research within the department covers a variety of areas for example Ageing, Culture and Media, Ethnicity, Gender, Labour Market and Working Life, Information and Knowledge. Read more about the research areas here

Work description

The successful candidate will be expected to lead the research and development of the research environment at the department by conducting research as well as teaching (20%) and supervision at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Responsibilities will also include informing about the department’s research and development activities, initiating and participating in the planning of research projects and actively working with applications for external funding. The location of employment is Umeå and an active participation in the department’s activities is expected.

The position guarantees 40-60 per cent (dependent on performance) research time as well one semester sabbatical every fourth year.

Admission requirements

According to Chapter 4, Section 3 of the Higher Education Ordinance, a person who has demonstrated both academic and teaching skills shall be qualified for employment as a professor. Academic skills are given top priority, but pedagogic skills are also of great importance. The ability to develop and lead activities and personnel, the ability to interact with the wider society and to inform about research activities and findings will also be assessed.

Academic skills are demonstrated through independent research achievements, proven ability to attract competitive research funding, publications, evidence of the ability to plan and manage scientific activities, documented ability to work both nationally and internationally, and of the ability to communicate research both within the scientific community and with the wider society. Skill in research leadership and successful supervision will also be assessed. Particular emphasis will be given to research experience within fields associated with the department’s profile.

Teaching skills refer to the applicant’s experience of working with students, demonstrable pedagogic progress and the ability to contribute to the advancement of the department educational profile. This includes participating in postgraduate educational activities such as postgraduate supervision and involvement in the design and implementation of courses and seminars. In the assessment of teaching skills, consideration will be given to the planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching, as well as supervision and examination. The assessment includes supervision of PhD students and participation in research activities.

Appointment qualifications and rules for teachers at Umeå University may be found here
Interview, reference checks and trial lectures may be part of the recruitment process.

The gender equality act and the University equality policies will be followed during the selection process. We strive to achieve gender equality so we encourage applications by women.

[ Informação Karl M. van Meter, BMS, Bulletin de Methodologie Sociologique ]