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Call - Sciences Po Assistant Prof, Sociology of Europe/Sociology of Globalization (Paris)

Deadline: 31 January, 2016

Sciences Po in Paris is recruiting an assistant professor (tenure track) in Sociology, with a specialization in Sociology of Europe / Sociology of Globalization [1]

The Centre d’e´tudes europe´ennes and the Department of Sociology have created this position for the purpose of strengthening the laboratory’s research program on European integration and its effects on European states and societies.


Status: Assistant Professor with tenure track
Discipline: Sociology
Specialty: Sociology of Europe / Sociology of Globalization



The applicant should have expertise in the comparative analysis of European societies or of the effects of globalization. No specific area is preferred at this stage. Candidates will have to demonstrate solid knowledge of sociological theory, comparative analysis, research methods, globalization debates and Europeanization. The candidate’s research should be empirically grounded and use several research methods (general statistical methods, network analysis, longitudinal analysis, qualitative methods and textual analysis). Candidates at the beginning of their careers should be able to show growing international visibility through publications in major journals or with leading publishers, as well as participation in the most active and renown international research networks. Interest in dialogue with other disciplines would be an additional advantage.


Teaching duties are two 24-hour courses in French or English, as well as supplementary pedagogical activities (juries, dissertation advising, etc.) totalling 56 hours.

The selected candidate will also be expected to teach undergraduate courses in sociology or methodology at the Paris campus or at another regional campus, as well as graduate courses (for the Masters and PhD programs: Masters in European Affairs, PSIA, or other).

The candidate’s ability to teach areas and subjects outside of the narrow limits of his/her research interests and his/her knowledge of current international debates in sociology will be particularly valued.

Candidates with a PhD must submit their applications electronically before 31 January 2016 to the following address: [2]. The application must include the following documents:
- An application letter presenting research projects that the candidate intends to pursue;

- A CV;
- Three significant publications;
- A synopsis of courses taught and, if possible, course evaluations.

Interviews: May 2016 Start date: autumn 2016


Sciences Po is an institution of higher education and research in the humanities and social sciences. Its permanent research community – 210 professors and researchers – is built around 12 established and internationally recognized entities (including 5 units jointly run with the National Center for Scientific Research - CNRS ), and is divided into 5 academic departments (Sociology, Political Science, History, Economics, and Law).


Sciences Po Centre d’e´tudes europe´ennes (CEE) The CEE (UMR 8239) is a multidisciplinary laboratory dedicated to comparative political analysis.


President of the selection committee: Tommaso Vitale [3] Centre d’e´tudes europe´ennes Department of Sociology [4]

Administrative contacts

Linda Amrani
General secretaryChief Administrator

Silvia Duerich-Morandi
Executive assistantAssistant

Selection committee

Renaud Dehousse, Professeur des universités à Sciences Po, Directeur du Centre d’études européennes Marta Dominguez Folgueras [5], Associate Professor à Sciences Po, Observatoire sociologique du changement Patrick le Galès, Directeur de recherche CNRS à Sciences Po, Centre d’études européennes, Doyen de l’Ecole urbaine de Sciences Po [6] Tommaso Vitale, Associate Professor à Sciences Po, Centre d’études européennes, Président du comité de sélection

Régine Azria, Chargée de recherché CNRS à l’EHESS, Centre d’études inerdisciplinaires des Faits Réligieux Agnès Deboulet, Professeure à l’Université Paris VIII, Département de sociologie et anthropologie Neil Fligstein, Professor, Director of the Center for Culture, Organization, and Politics at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, University of California - Berkeley Gökce Yurdakul, Professor, Department of Social Science, Diversity and Social Conflict, Humboldt University of Berlin [7] [8]


[ Informação Karl M. van Meter, BMS, Bulletin de Methodologie Sociologique ]