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Call for applications for ten Doctoral Grants

Call for applications for ten Doctoral Grants entitled to “Sofia Corradi Mamma Erasmus” (the Italian scholar who invented the Erasmus Programme of the European Union in 1969). Anticipating the celebrations for the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Erasmus Programme, in 2016 the Foundation of the European Academy of Yuste  has conferred on Sofia Corradi  the “Charles  V  European Award”, consisting in an amount of 45.000 Euros and  in the funding of ten Doctoral Grants for Research and Mobility. The President of the Italian Republic has given her the honorary title of “Commendatore al Merito della Repubblica” and the Spanish Government has assigned to her the “Great Cross of King Alfonso X the Wise”. She also received the “Humboldt-Newman Prize” of the Italian Association of University Professors (AIDU). The ten Grants are offered to persons presently registered in a Doctoral Course and now working on their Doctoral Dissertation, in any discipline, concerning European values such as peace, solidarity or equality. Each Grant features three elements that make it very desirable:  the sum of two thousand and five hundred euros; attendance in a very qualified international interdisciplinary seminar; publication of the Doctoral Dissertation with the prestigious scientific publisher Peter Lang. These Grants are compatible with other scholarships. Participation is open not only to European Union citizens but also to citizens of neighbouring countries,  of the Mediterranean area, or  of Latin America, as specified in the Call available on line on the website of the Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste (Spain) or and on the portal or Working languages are English and Spanish.

The deadline for applications is Monday January 30th 2017. The ten Grants are co-financed by the Foundation of the European Academy of Yuste, by the Region of Extremadura  and by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. These Grants  are intended both  as a recognition to Sofia Corradi and as an homage to the memory of the Erasmus students (among which seven Italian girls)  who, in 2016, lost their lives in the Tarragona bus accident. The 2016 edition of the “Charles V  European Award” has been the tenth.  Previously the Award had been given to  Jacques Delors (1995), Winfried Martens (1998), Felipe Gonzales (2000), Mikhail Gorbaciov (2002), Jorge Sampaio (2004), Helmuth Kohl (2006), Simone Veil (2008), Javier Solana (2010) and Manuel Barroso (2013). For the 2016 edition several European institutions had submitted a total of twenty nominations.  The Jury included scholars from Germany, Great Britain, France and Spain, as well as executives of the European Union.  The ceremony for the issuing of the Award has taken place on May 9th 2016, as part of the official celebrations of Europe Day, in the historical  Monastery of Yuste (in Extremadura). The Award has been presented  by the King of Spain, at the presence of the President of the European Parliament, of the President of the Education Commission of the same Parliament and of Ministers from different countries.  Italy was represented by the Minister of Education, who delivered to the King a letter from the Italian President of the Republic. Sofia Corradi has been Full Professor of Lifelong Learning in the Faculty of Education of Roma Tre University. As the winner of Fulbright and Columbia University Scholarships, she studied in New York for one Academic Year at the Graduate School of Law earning a Master Degree in Comparative Law.  Graduated in Law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”,  she has done research work at The Hague  Academy  of  International  Law  and  at  the  London  School  of  Economics.  She  lives  and  works in Rome.  Her most recent  book is Student Mobility in Higher Education. Erasmus and Erasmus Plus (2015). The full text of the book (in English or in Italian) can be downloaded for free: From 1987  the Erasmus Programme has exchanged approximately four million students among four thousand European universities and the figure now increases at the rate of one million every three years. In 2014 the Programme, renamed Erasmus Plus, has been expanded.  The financial contribution of the European Union has been increased and now amounts to over two billion Euros a year. CONTACTS: In Brussels (Belgium):  Miguel Martin, Director of European  Affairs and of the Brussels Delegation,  Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste. E-mail: Tel.: 0032-27 37 72 03. In Spain: Nuria Verdiguier,  Press Officer of the Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste.  E-mail: Tel.: 0034-927 01 40 98. In Italy: Sofia Corradi. E-mail: Tel.: +39-338-36 37 902. Further information available on website

[ Informação Roberto Cipriani, Uniroma ]