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Call - «BMS» Editor(s)

Now over 30 years old, the BMS is a quarterly peer reviewed journal specializing in all aspects of sociological methodology, and published in both English and French. Each volume of the BMS contains research articles, extensive book and article reviews, as well as documentation and information on different centres of sociology and important meetings throughout the world. The journal publishes the International Sociological Association (ISA) research committee RC33 on Logic and Methodology Newsletter twice a year.

After many years leading the journal forward, founding editor Karl van Meter is seeking to handover editorship. SAGE is seeking applications for the editorship and a single Editor or a team of two or more co-Editors will be considered.

Journal issues appear four times a year in print and online at

Responsibilities of the editorship include:
- Contributing to the strategic development of the Journal
- Managing the receipt and peer review of scholarly submissions, liaising with authors, and exercising responsibility for the selection and revision of articles
- Managing and developing the editorial board and scientific committee
- Liaison with SAGE, ensuring the delivery of copy according to agreed production schedules
- Liaison with the RC33, ensuring publication of their newsletter in two issues a year
- Representing the Journal and promoting it when possible, with the support of SAGE
The new editorial position will be available from summer 2017, with a two month handover period to ensure a smooth transition. The Publisher is seeking an initial 3-5 year commitment.

Essential Requirements:
- A single editor who will be fluent in both French and English or a team of an English-speaking co-editor and a French-speaking co-editor
- Experiences scholar in the area of sociological methodology
- General knowledge of the field of sociological methodology as a whole
- Ability to work under pressure, meet responsibilities effectively, and meet deadlines

SAGE invites expressions of interest by 19th May 2017. Those interested in making an application should send a brief CV supported by a letter that outlines their experience and ability to perform the role. Expressions should specifically address the applicants’ aims and vision for the Journal over the term of editorship.
All enquiries and expressions of interest should be directed via email in the first instance to:
Miriam Hodge, Publishing Editor - - Tel: +44 (0) 207 324 8517

[ Informação VAN METER Karl, Bulletin de Methodologie Sociologique ]